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Our strength/speed package offers 3x week strength and speed sessions.  Located at Acceleration Performance, every athlete receives baseline testing and a FMS (Functional Movement Screen) which identifies crucial testing numbers then used in weight room sessions and an essential movement screen test, which identifies physical imbalances, limitations and weakness in the human body. Both of these are unique to Pro Player U and Acceleration Performance, giving us crucial information to mark baseline testing, improve movement patterns through simple, yet functional corrective exercises. Starting January 2020.

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Winnipeg's first WOMENS ONLY football specific strength & speed program. This program is custom made for each position while keeping every athletes demands and needs in mind.  The 3x/week program will focus on all aspects of the game; strength, speed, agility and position specific movement - we do it all here at Pro Player U. This January - May program is a 4 phase plan to help build strength, speed and power, which will allow you to be at your peak performance just in time for the season! Want to know more? click below or call for any questions! Program begins January 2020.

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