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Summer '17 is fast approaching and so is Winnipeg’s newest women’s only bootcamp! Pro Athlete Mike Benson (CFL LB for the BC Lions) has designed a program that combines his 6 years as a CFL pro with almost a decade of elite athlete training/strength & conditioning coaching to make one of the most unique bootcamps in the city. The program consists of numerous training styles; from HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), plyometrics, and strength training mixed with some secrets of the pro’s. all of these training styles help to create one of the most fun and friendly bootcamp environments to achieve your New Years goals!

Are you looking for a new challenge? Looking to step your squat game up? Or just trying to build a solid base for the summer? Well, look no further!

Our Booty Boot Camp has a new day! Saturdays are now the Babes N' Barbells Club! The BNB Club is a women's only strength class that focuses on fundamental, compound exercises with advanced accessories & core to help build, strengthen & shape, just in time for summer! This class will also have an interactive Q & A portion where we will help educate and answer ALL questions related to strength, fitness & health along with why you should NOT fear the squat rack. 

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